Invitation to (mourning) work

As part of the Clergy Training Programme of the Archdiocese of Alba Iulia, the training on mourning took place in the Antal Jakab House in Csíksomlyó between 11-13 October, with the support of the Harghita Regional Council. The eighth event of this year’s training was dedicated to the pastoral care of the bereaved.

The professional coordinator of the training, Dr. Dávid Diósi, professor (UBB), vice rector of the Seminary in Alba Iulia, gathered together a team of experts in the different aspects of death and mourning, as well as in the different areas of bereavement support: Éva Varró psychotherapist, psychotherapist trainer, supervisor, university lecturer (Sapientia EMTE), Dr. Blanka Bálint mental health specialist, grief group leader, university lecturer (Sapientia EMTE), Ildikó Szekeres medical assistant, nursing director (County Emergency Hospital of Miskolc), Dr.. Dr. Piroska Darvas, nurse’s aide, spiritual companion, grief counsellor, László Czikó, parish priest of Búzásásbesenyő, mental health support specialist.