Our profile

Our doctoral school is committed to developing intellectual tools that will prove useful and innovative for church practice and theological reflection in the current context of religious and ethnic diversity. This new paradigm of theological research seeks to provide, alongside deep theological knowledge, the reflective capacity to develop and demonstrate the practical applicability of knowledge in a way that can cut across the realities of different cultures and societies. Our aim is to explore and reflect on the mystery of the human person, the beauty of creation and to develop theological reflection that serves society and humanity and strives to build a better world.


Our doctoral school is the third cycle of study of the Faculty of Roman-Catholic Theology of the Babeș-Bolyai University, after the bachelor and master programs in theology. Its administrative organization is part of the UBB Doctoral Institute. The doctoral studies are regulated by an order approved by the Romanian Ministry of Education. In this regard, doctoral studies are divided into two parts, called programs, which are usually structured for a total duration of three years, i.e. six semesters. The educational curriculum organized at institutional level ensures the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, while the research content enables and supports independent research activity.

Our institution is led by the Director of the Doctoral School, who is supported by a council of elected members.